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Road safety for kids

The world has become quite a scary place. Things have changed so much – especially during the last couple of years. This includes the way that people drive on the Read more

Wake Up - Don
This is not ok

You guys may be sick of my #CarseatFullstop campaign. You’re probably sick of seeing articles all over all the parenting blogs. You may be sick of seeing my name or Read more

Car accident considerations and consequences

I remember when I first moved to Cape Town, going away for the weekend. I remember having to slow down at what I thought was a roadblock, except it wasn’t. Read more

Car Seats – I’ve been doing it wrong

Sherbit guys.  I’m sorry. About what this time?  Well in case you’ve missed it I’ve been ranting about children not strapped into car seats a lot.  In fact I was acting all Read more

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AfroDaddy Reviews the BeSafe iZi Modular car seat

Many of you will remember AfroDaddy from our #CarseatFullstop team. He made this awesome video calling people stupid and followed it up with these four truths all dads need to Read more

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